Android Projects on tips and tax calculator

Android Projects on tips and tax calculator

The Best buddy each time you have to compute a tip or separation a feast between your companions. This tip mini-computer application ascertains tip rapidly as well as helps split the bill between any number of individuals. Round up or round down on any incentive on the tip number cruncher and see changes to the tip rate, tip sum, aggregate sum and sum payable per individual promptly. Discover the expense for the billed sum and quickly observe the individual bill too. This application can figure the single individual bill moreover.
Existing System: 
In an existing framework, the tip sum will be figured utilizing the typical number cruncher. They’re not utilizing the particular adding machine for tips mini-computer. In existing, they’re not ascertaining the copies esteems.In past, theirs no round up and round down operations to be a figure. Can’t discover the assessment for add up to bill an individual bill.
Proposed System:
In case you’re too profound into your sustenance trance-like state to enough figure how much each gathering owes for the bill, tap open Tip Calculator. The free application, similar to others in its class, is basic, however, quickly separates the aggregate every burger joint owes. Gratefully, this tip adding machine requires that you just sort in the quantity of individuals and the aggregate bill; at that point select a preset tip rate or include your own. Tip Calculator peruses out the tip sum, the aggregate bill, and how much every burger joint owes. Having the application recollect your typical tip setting between sessions would enhance it, as would the capacity to include your own present tip sum compute the charge for your bill sum.
Focal points: 
1. Calculates progressively
2. Shake gadget to reset (turn on/off by means of menu)
3. Split bill between any # of individuals and independently modify every individual’s sum.
4. Specify your own custom tip percent(set default in menu
5. Added honeycomb photograph exhibition.
6. Move to SD
7. Calculate Tax.
1.Bill Details
Total charge sum:
The aggregate bill add up to be entered in the particular editable box ii.Percentage of tip:
The tip rate to be gone into the comparing editable box.The tip rate will be your decision.
iii.Number of individuals:
What number of number of individuals to be gone into the related editable box.That box will give the offer for the every individual bill sum.
i.Tip sum
ii.Total to pay
iii.Total per individual
The aggregate tips add up to be computed and how much add up to be payed.and at last figure the sum for add up to per individual.
Reset the every one of the fields and re-enter the others charge subtle elements.
4.Tax Calculate:
The will be figured for your bill amounts.The impose rate will be given your wish.The assessment will be ascertained for add up to bill and single individual bill moreover.
5.Individual Bill Details:
Compute the aggregate bill sum from singular bill sum, that bill sum contains impose for a single individual, tips sum for a single individual and aggregate bill for a single individual.
Hardware Requirements: 
 System : Pentium IV 2.4 GHz.
 Hard Disk : 40 GB.
 Floppy Drive : : 1.44 Mb.
 Monitor : 15 VGA Color.
 Mouse : Logitech.
 Ram : 512 Mb.
Software Requirements: 
 Operating framework : Windows XP.
 Coding Language : Java 1.6
 Tool Kit : Android 2.2
 IDE : Eclipse

Download Project: tips and tax calculator

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