Improvement of Power-Conversion Efficiency of AC–DC Boost Converter Using 1:1 Transformer


This project proposes a circuit structure that can enhance the power-change effectiveness η e of an AC-DC support converter. The circuit utilizes a 1:1 transformer and a voltage help circuit made out of an inductor, a capacitor, and a diode. The transformer powers the converter to work in consistent conduction mode for input current, and in this manner diminishes input ripple. The voltage help circuit empowers the change to work in basic conduction mode, so the power misfortune because of turn-ON of switch and invert recuperation of diode is limited.

The proposed converter has high η e over an extensive variety of AC input voltage V air conditioning : η e = 92.9% at V air conditioning = 85 V and η e = 97.4% at V air conditioning = 265 V, when the converter was worked at DC yield voltage of 400 V and yield intensity of 500 W. The temperature of the switch balanced out at ~84 °C for V air conditioning = 85 V, at ~70 °C for V air conditioning = 110 V, and at ~42 °C for V air conditioning = 220 V,whereas that in other AC-DC converters either fizzled or settled at substantially more elevated amounts. The proposed converter is appropriate to systems that require an info voltage scope of 85-265 V in root-mean-square esteem.

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