ASP Project On Regional Transport Office

ASP Project On Regional Transport Office


The venture incorporates the primary procedure done in the Regional Transport Office at Thanjavur. In spite of the fact that it has different errands in typical route, in this the Process of issuing of License, Registration Certificate (RC), Permits to the Professional kind of Licensee, Fitness Certificates for all Transport Vehicles in such an approach to keep away from mishaps, Fixation and gathering of expenses lastly, the Transfer and Renewal of Vehicle Registration has been depicted and talked about in this Project.


This Project having the Following Major Module.

• Admin


• User


An administrator has legitimate Username and Password to go to this Page. This Page having the accompanying Modules.

• LLR check

• Registration Checking

• License Checking

• License Expires

• RTO Creation

An administrator has the authorization to check the LLR of the specific Customer’s Vehicle. On the off chance that LLR No will be Expires implies then License will be affirmed by Next Module. After consummation of LLR Check Module, the License will be affirmed by Admin.

He she will be given legitimate one of a kind License Number. In the enrollment checking Module whether the Vehicle having Valid Register Number that subtle elements will be checked.

In the event that Valid Register Number is Conformed implies Next License Checking will be occurred by Admin. Permit Number, Customer Name, License Expiry date those points of interest are checked. An administrator can see the Vehicles License Expiry date in view of this he/she will make strides. Administrator likewise has consented to make RTO creation.RTO in charge of Registration of Vehicles.


Territorial Transport Officer is in charge of offering consent to Vehicle Registration. She/he need to fill the subtle elements, for example, Registration Number, Customer Name, Temporary Address, Permanent Address Type, Class, for example, Two Wheeler or Four Wheeler, Fees, Maker, Chasing Number, Engine Number, Fuel, HP, CC, Weight those points of interest are put away in database.

And furthermore, he/she can ready to check LLR Check and License Check of the Vehicle. Fundamental Module in this is

• Registration

• License Confirmation


A client is only who is apply for enlistment for their Vehicle. Before Apply to this she/he needs to Sign Up for Registration.

• Sign Up

• Apply LLR

Client Sign Up with his/her Name, User ID, Password, Email ID, Gender, DOB, Address and Conduct Number. On the off chance that substantial User ID implies He/she can ready to Register.

A client can apply for LLR. The subtle elements she/he needs to fill this Form is Ln. Client Name, address, Door Number, Area, city, Phone number, Type, Qualification, Validation Date, ID Marks, DOB, Date of Apply, Blood Group, Type, Professional or

Non-Professional those points of interest are ought to go into a relating field of this specific shape.


End of delegates could be a Herculean errand, certainly feasible, however.

A start has been made toward this path with the Regional Transport Offices (RTO) in the region declaring to get rid of the go-betweens.

This is looked to be accomplished by strict authorization of the current principles and directions of the Regional Transport Authority (RTA) to put a conclusion to the activity of mediators.

With the RTA, who is none other than the District Collector educating the RTOs to report consistency of the current Act, the division, regardless, chose to handle issues identifying with enlisting buy support and cancelation, change of address and name change with specific reference to the non-transport vehicle class.

Up to this point, a greater part of the non-transport vehicle, (for example, autos, jeeps, engine cycles and so forth.) proprietors did not try to show up at the RTO face to face and endowed an operator for an expense.

With this framework in constraint, it has now turned out to be required for the vehicle proprietor to show up face to face to get the important underwriting.

“We have opened an exceptional counter to empower the vehicle proprietors to show the papers, dispatch the imperative charge in the forenoon and gather the records toward the evening Regional Transport Office, disclosed to Business Line.


Provincial Transport Officer or as normally known as RTO is a permitting, enrollment, tax assessment specialist of a specific area. It is engaged to scratch off the substantial wellness testament of a vehicle in the event that it is gotten in mechanically unfit and roadworthy condition.

The RTO official has the ability to issue the update for the break of arrangements of engine vehicle act and principles. This update, for the most part, comprises of a portrayal of the offense, seal, and mark of the issuing specialist. The record is appropriated just for minor offenses.

• Registration of Motor Vehicles.

• An issue of licenses and wellness authentications to Transport Vehicles.

• An issue of licenses to drivers and conductors.

• Enforcing the different arrangements of the Central Motor Vehicle Act,

• Tamil Nadu Motor Vehicle Taxation Act and the standards surrounded by these Acts.

• Inspection of vehicles engaged in mishaps.

• Negotiating between state understandings.

• Collection of expense and charges on Motor Vehicle.

• Providing help to casualties of Motor Accidents from the Honorable

• Chief Minister’s Accident helps support.

• Advising on different street security measures.

Each RTO, while issuing tags, have their own code which is separated into states or Union Territories, and their areas. Take for instance; if Port Blair issues a permit, its code is A 01. AN is the code for Andaman and Nicobar Islands and 01 is the code for Port Blair in the Andaman District.


Processor: Intel Pentium 4

RAM: 512MB

Hard Disk Drive: 40GB

Key Board: Standard 10 1/102 or Digit Sync Family

Monitor: Display Panel (1024 X 764)

Display Adapter          :           Trident Super VGA

Network Adapter: SMC Ethernet Card Elite 16 Ultra

Mouse: Logitech Serial Mouse


 Operating System: Windows XP

 Front- End: C#. NET with ASP. NET



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