Fp014 – Research on Key Combination Management System Based on Identity Authentication


In order to solve the problems in the current authentication system, a new authentication system scheme is proposed. The user identity is used as a key production factor by using the CPK (Combined Public Key) combination public key system. From the perspective of security design, and combining the theory of CPK combined public key system, the overall design framework of CPK key management system is proposed.

According to the functional requirements of the system, the main modules of the system are divided, and its main functions are stipulated. The system uses a secure authentication card as the only identity of the user. The authentication card has a certain computing power and safe storage space. It realizes the secure storage of the user’s key. Finally, from the actual application scenario, the data flow of the user in the process of registration and use in the system is given. The main modules of the system are tested successfully through the security authentication card.

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