Php project on Meeting Management System


The web-based meeting scheduler (WMS) is a user-friendly tool developed to helps people in office environments to plan meetings effectively. The algorithm utilized as a part of the distributed meeting scheduler paves the route for negotiation of different process on behalf of their clients and comes up with the agreement to a common meeting time that is satisfactory to every one of the clients and complies with every one of the limitations set by the hosts and participants. The motivation of the algorithm is to get a solution is based on the knowledge it obtains during the process. In summary, the Web-based Meeting Scheduler follows a decision-oriented process that relies upon a knowledge-based approach. The motivation behind WMS is to help the organization of meetings and to decide for each meeting request, a meeting date, and location so most of the intended participants will effectively participate.

The principal clients of this system are the Meeting Initiator and Meeting Attendees/Participants. It is the responsibility of the meeting initiator to plan the meeting based on the availability of the participants along with the requirements communicated by the participants/members. The meeting scheduler system will be able to handler a few meeting requirements in parallel and resolve conflicts.


• Schedule/plan meetings

• Monitor meetings, particularly held in a distributed environment

• Re-arranging of meetings to help changing client constraints

• Support conflict resolution

• Keep members informed of the meeting plans and any changes

• Cancel Meeting

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