Fp012 – A secure client-side framework for protecting the privacy of health data stored on the cloud


In the previous decade, Cloud-Computing developed as another figuring idea with a dispersed nature utilizing virtual system and frameworks. Numerous organizations depend on this innovation to keep their frameworks running yet concerns are ascending about security ruptures in distributed computing. Cloud suppliers (CPs) are taking noteworthy measures to keep up the security and protection of the information put away on their premises, with the end goal to safeguard the clients’ trust.

In any case, in specific applications, for example, therapeutic wellbeing records for instance, the restorative office is in charge of saving the protection of the patients’ information. In spite of the fact that the office can offload the overhead of putting away a lot of information by utilizing distributed storage, depending exclusively on the safety efforts taken by the CP probably won’t be adequate. Any security break at the CP’s premises does not shield the therapeutic office from being considered responsible. This work intends to tackle this issue by displaying a protected methodology for putting away information on the cloud while keeping the client responsible for the security and protection of their information.

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