Flexible Compensation Strategy for Voltage Source Converter Under Unbalanced and Harmonic Condition Based on a Hybrid Virtual Impedance Method


This project shows an adaptable pay technique for voltage source converter (VSC) associated with an uneven and harmonic distorted grid, which can accomplish adaptable tradeoff between the two normal control targets, i.e., repaying the voltage at the point of common coupling (PCC), and remunerating the output current of the VSC. To accomplish the control focus on, a half and half virtual impedance strategy is proposed, which utilizes both the feed forward of the PCC voltage and the criticism of the yield current to build up the harmonic (counting  negative grouping) voltage references. Contrasted and the regular virtual impedance techniques utilizing just feedforward or just input, the proposed half and half strategy can control the harmonic outputimpedance of the VSC in a more extensive territory, without the potential overmodulation or precariousness issues caused by the traditional strategies when the coveted virtual impedance changes in a wide range. The viability and prevalence of the proposed methodology is hypothetically examined and tentatively confirmed.

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