ASP Project On Visa Processing Information System

ASP Project On Visa Processing Information System


This venture is utilized to process the visa and store every one of the insights with respect to the travel permit holder.

This venture will deal with all sort of visas and particularly amass in visa handling.

It will produce every conceivable report, which is required by Consulate.

Existing System:

Ø Less Efficiency and exactness because of parcel of manual sections

Ø More Time Delay for installments.

Ø Increased use of capacity

Ø Lag of data while enquiring about specific representative

Ø Increased in Labor

Proposed System:

Ø Replace Manual Processing framework with a robotized one.

Ø Reduce the odds of acts of neglect related to a manual framework.

Ø Reduce the workload engaged with preparing

Ø Update data framework and give simple access to comparing data.


Visa Processing System will be classified as the accompanying Modules.

Ø Admin Module

Ø Visa Processing Module

Ø Onsite Communication Module

Ø Reporting Module

Administrator Module: HR Executive is the Detail Entry Controller of our task. HR Manager-Admin will make this Hr Executive. He will give the insights about Hr Executive and make the username and secret key. While login, HR Manager will do the confirmation for this HR official. Any representative of our association will go into our undertaking and do the accompanying functionalities. Representative Authentication will be concluded by the worker fundamental database. An administrator can see the visa restoration data, visa status data. He can create every single conceivable report like meeting reports, comes about report.He is having the control over the every one of the clients. Hr Manager will portray the utilities evaluated by an Hr Executive. He can see the application sections, inquiry points of interest, talk with subtle elements, result from subtle elements, on location flight subtle elements, and on location entry subtle elements.

Visa Processing Module:

This is a primary module. It handles every one of the insights in regards to the visa application, submitted reports, worker particulars, international ID subtle elements, prior on location visits and the insights with respect to their prior visit points of interest. This will be entered by HR Executive. In the wake of applying for the visa, each candidate ought to achieve inquiry and meetings held by offices. These inquiry and meeting points of interest are put away in this module. The outcome additionally signed in this module. These points of interest likewise entered by HR Executive.

On location Data Module:

Applicants on location particulars, similar to visa issuing date, flight date, no of days spending at abroad, returning date, nearby employment particulars are put away through this module. This will be entered by HR Executive. Worker’s on location advance like venture name, working period, working spot and so on., are entered by the Employee itself. On account of recharging of visa, Employees can give a demand to the HR Manager for their restoration of visa. These solicitations are seen by HR Manager and have the process on for Visa Renewal. Representatives can see the visa restoration data and visa process status like current visa status and completed visa status for various nations.

Report Handler Module

This Module bargains all the accessible reports needed by Hr Manager and Hr Executive. Regularly, Visa Status Report, Onsite subtle elements for a worker, Onsite work advance points of interest are essential reports saw by HR director.


Processor: Intel P-IV framework

Processor Speed: 250MHz to 833MHz

Smash: 512MB RAM

Hard Disk: 40GB


Working System: Windows XP

Database: SQL Server

Server-side innovation: ASP.Net with AJAX

Server-side scripting: ASP

Customer side scripting : HTML, JavaScript

Web-Server: IIS

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