Multi-Input Switched-Capacitor Multilevel Inverter for High-Frequency AC Power Distribution


This project proposes an exchanged capacitor staggered inverter for high-frequency ac power distribution system. The proposed topology delivers a staircase waveform with higher number of output levels utilizing less segments contrasted with a few existing exchanged capacitor staggered inverters in the writing. This topology is useful where deviated dc voltage sources are accessible, e.g., in the event of sustainable power source ranches based air conditioning microgrids and present day electric vehicles. Using the accessible dc sources as contributions for a solitary inverter tackles the real issue of associating a few inverters in parallel.

Furthermore, the need to stack voltage sources, similar to batteries or supercapacitors, in arrangement which request charge balance calculations, are disposed of as the voltage sources utilized offer a shared opinion. The inverter intrinsically takes care of the issue of capacitor voltage adjusting as every capacitor is charged to the esteem equivalent to one of the information voltage each cycle. State investigation, misfortunes, and the determination of capacitance are inspected. Recreation and test results at various appropriation frequencies, control levels, and output consonant substance are given to exhibit the practicality of the proposed staggered inverter topology.

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