ASP Project On stationary management system

ASP Project On stationary management system


Stationary Store Management is a product application that is intended for the stores that arrangements in stationeries and other such shops. This framework additionally helps in the support and charging of stocks. This framework is intended to address the issues and give correct rules for the procedure of advancement of the undertaking that is talked about above. Particularly it gives rules on the best way to plan the previously mentioned venture.

This archive can likewise go about as a guide for the individuals who need to build up this product. For an assortment of outlets which incorporates retailers and wholesalers, this product can be utilized. This product will make the procedure physically and furthermore keeps up the records that are identified with this subject including the treatment of money streams and stocks.


 Since this framework includes exceptionally delicate data inside it put away in the database we have attempted to give the greatest security.

 We will build up the proposed framework with a goal to take out the running expense by conquering the constant stationery costs, manual stockpiling need, and additional staff in the data asset division of the association.


As of now the exchange so the stationary stores are kept up according to the manual framework and on the everyday framework. With a specific end goal to enhance the work effectiveness like that of following the deals and other related issues some further developed framework is required. The new proposed framework enable individuals in a few approaches to like it help them in handling the charging efficiency. Keeping up the records will likewise end up simpler. It can monitor the deal and the subtle elements of the records. The product accompanies the ace passages that empower to enter new items or client section to change, erase and include.


1. Admin

2. Add client

3. Add Books

4. Stock

5. Sale thing

6. Sale subtle elements

7. Sale report


Processor: Intel Pentium 4

RAM: 512MB

Hard Disk Drive: 40GB

Key Board: Standard 10 1/102 or Digit Sync Family

Monitor: Display Panel (1024 X 764)

Display Adapter: Trident Super VGA

Network Adapter: SMC Ethernet Card Elite 16 Ultra

Mouse: Logitech Serial Mouse


Operating System: Windows XP

 Front- End: C#. NET with ASP. NET

DOWNLOAD: stationary management

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