ASP Project On  Windows Registry Browsing And Manipulation


Windows registry is a center of the working framework which decides the appearance and conduct of windows. It is a focal archive or a various leveled database of arrangement information for the Windows working framework. It has design information for all the introduced programming applications, gadget drivers, and arrangements relating to the framework and the clients. It controls the peripherals gadgets and how applications run. Each time an application keeps running in the Windows condition, the primary thing it checks is the registry. Without getting to the registry no application can be begun. At the end of the day windows, in the long run, fizzle if the registry falls flat.

The examination of Windows Registry includes not simply seeing information inside the registry but rather it is tied in with removing, deciphering, and understanding what that information implies in its own particular setting and with regards to a legal sciences examination. The venture gives an outline of what a legal sciences specialist, a Windows framework chairman, or a system manager should search for while playing out an investigation of the Windows Registry inside the windows and a few utilities and measurable programming apparatuses that can be utilized to see and analyze the registry. The undertaking talks about different registry legal sciences devices accessible for Windows working frameworks and their highlights. This undertaking mostly centers around actualizing WIRECHADE which used to distinguish changes made in the registry, the Design, and usage of the apparatus and the relating experiments created to test its highlights.


The customary registry crime scene investigation apparatuses did not have the element which enables clients to decide the changes made to the registry record which is the most huge data a crime scene investigation agent needs. To know the changed estimation of a registry key an agent needs to move down the whole registry and contrast it and the present registry. In the event that there is a straightforward interface that shows the progressions made in the registry keys alongside the present and past qualities, it spares a great deal of time and work of an examiner.


The Objective of the device that I created is to enable legal sciences Investigators to see the changes made in the Registry Keys. The device presents another element that has never been executed in the accessible apparatuses. It is outlined in C# programming dialect with Visual Studio 2008 utilizing.Net Framework 3.5. The accompanying is the depiction of the functionalities of the device.

• The Configuration include permits choice or design of keys and subkeys to be looked into or watched

• The Job Schedule permits the choice of days and time amid which the device checks the registry keys to distinguish the progressions made.

• Once the choice is influenced the Log to record shows the progressions made in the registry esteems

• It likewise stores the past registry structure regardless of whether no qualities were built up inside such section enlistment.

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