PV-STATCOM: A New Smart Inverter for Voltage Control in Distribution Systems


This project introduces a novel brilliant inverter PV-STATCOM in which a PV inverter can be controlled as a dynamic receptive power compensator – STATCOM. The proposed PV-STATCOM can be used to give voltage control during critical system needs on a day in and day out premise. In the evening, the whole inverter limit is used for STATCOM activity.

During a critical system unsettling influence in the daytime, the keen inverter ceases its genuine power age work incidentally (for around a couple of moments), and discharges its whole inverter limit with regards to STATCOM activity. Once the unsettling influence is cleared and the requirement for network voltage control is satisfied, the sun powered ranch comes back to its pre-aggravation genuine power creation. The Low Voltage Ride Through (LVRT) execution of the PV-STATCOM is shown through both EMTDC/PSCAD recreations and research facility usage utilizing dSPACE control. This proposed PV-STATCOM with a reaction time of 1-2 cycles, can give a comparable administration as a genuine STATCOM in a given application and potentially look for incomes for giving this administration.

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