Php project on Transport Records Management System

ABSTRACT: Transport Management System manages with the operation of the transportation in a matter of booking transport. There are several issues identified when utilizing the manual system. Time to book is limited to working hours when the client needs to apply it. The problem happens when transports have mechanical issues are rented, vehicles that have been double […]


IFS04-Towards More Accurate Matching of Contactless Palmprint Images under Less Constrained Environments

ABSTRACT: Contactless personal identification utilizing biometrics qualities brings multifaceted advantages with enhanced cleanliness, client security, and the convenience. Such imaging likewise produces deformation free palmprint images which can prompt higher matching exactness as the ground truth data is better protected as contrasted and those from contact-based imaging. Advancement of palmprint identification technologies for new domains […]


IFS02-Privacy-preserving Indexing and Query Processing for Secure Dynamic Cloud Storage

ABSTRACT: With the increasing popularity of cloud-based data services, data proprietors are highly motivated to store their huge amount of potentially sensitive personal data files on remote servers in encoded form. Customers later can query over the encrypted database to retrieve files while protecting the privacy of both the queries and the database, by permitting some reasonable […]


IFS01-Efficient Retrieval over Documents Encrypted by Attributes in Cloud Computing

ABSTRACT: Secure document storage and retrieval are one of the hottest research headings in cloud computing. Despite the fact that many searchable encryption plans have been proposed, few of them bolster effective retrieval over the documents which are encrypted based of their attributes. In this project, a hierarchical attribute-based encryption scheme is first designed for […]


KDE07-PrivateGraph: Privacy-Preserving Spectral Analysis of Encrypted Graphs in the Cloud

ABSTRACT: With the wide deployment of public clouds, proprietors of big graphs need to utilize the cloud to deal with the scalability issues. However, the privacy and ownership for graphs in the cloud has turned into a major concern. In this project, we examine privacy-preserving algorithms for graph spectral analysis of outsourced encrypted graph in […]


KDE06-Secure and Efficient Skyline Queries on Encrypted Data-knowledge

ABSTRACT: Outsourcing data to cloud server gives a cost-effective way approach to support large-scale data storage and query processing. Be that as it may, because of security and privacy concerns, sensitive information (e.g., medical records) should be protected from the cloud server and other unauthorized clients. One approach is to outsource encrypted data to the cloud server […]